Editor's Notes
This section of the website is reserved for notes, musings and comments by the staff at Three Rivers Publishing.(3RP) We will strive to keep you informed as to relevant happenings, persons and events. In addition we will present "News you can use", as well as a calendar of events.

It should be noted at this point that 3RP is in the process of organizing a "Jim Crow" touring exhibition during which we intend to visit 25 to 30 venues throughout the United States. The exhibition will feature the Jim Crow: Perspectives on Canvas collection together other Jim Crow era writings, photos and images. The touring exhibition will also present guest speakers,historians and artist Khem Barufu, who will discuss the "creative" process involved in the Jim Crow: Perspectives on Canvas collection.

The exhibition is planned for the Spring and Summer of 2010. Visitors with ideals and suggestions for possible venues should contact 3RP as soon as possible. 


James L. Hubbert