Jim Crow was the name of the racial caste system whereby African Americans were relegated to the status of second class citizens. The Jim Crow system was based upon the belief that Whites were superior to Blacks. This racial ideology was manifested in what was called "Jim Crow Laws." These laws allowed for the disenfranchisment of blacks and did not take long to extend segregation into almost every aspect of southern society. Railways, schools, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, stores, jobs, and entertainment were all segregated. If an aspect of segregation was overlooked by the law, it was not by society.  Jim Crow was given the legal stamp of approval in the "separate but equal" principle in the Plessy v. Ferguson Supreme Court case (1896) The prevalence of this view is seen in a quote from the editor of the Richmond Times:

"It is necessary that this principle be applied in every relation of Southern life. God Almighty drew the color line and it cannot be obliterated. 
The negro must stay on his side and the white man must stay on his side, 
and the sooner both races recognize this fact and accept it, the better it will be for both." 

Jim Crow Signs
Jim Crow Signs
"Jim Crow "Signs (Framed)
"Jim Crow "Signs (Un-Framed)
Jim Crow Signs (Un-Framed)
Jim Crow Signs (Un-Framed)
Each sign measures 7x17

Professional framing if desired.

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Complete with State Code and/or Municipal Ordinance

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Sample Codes and/or Laws

Virginia State Code of 1950, 
Atlanta, Ga. City Code of 1940
Georgia Laws of 1956
New Orleans, La. City Ord. of 1924
.Sample Codes and/or Laws

Mississippi State Code of 1956
North Carolina Laws of 1941
Mobile, Ala. City Code of 1949
Birmingham, Ala. City Code of 1944.
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