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Editor's Notes

       "The Bus Boycott," Memphis, Tennessee, Circa 1960
 "The Station," Biloxi, Mississippi, (circa 1940)

 "The Soldier," Scottsboro, Alabama, (circa 1944)                                                                                 
 "At The Movies," Greensboro, North Carolina (circa 1956) 

 "The Bus Boycott," Memphis, Tennessee (circa 1960)  

 "Separate But Equal," Richmond, Virginia (circa 1962)

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Unlike other Jim Crow signs, the above signs cites the actual State Code or Municipal Law that "legalized" the act of segregation and/or discrimination.

                                                Sample Codes and/or Laws

Virginia State Code of 1950                                                         Mississippi State Code of 1956          Mobile, Ala. City Code of 1949                                                     Georgia Laws of 1956
New Orleans, La. City Ord. of 1924                                              North Carolina Laws of 1941             Birmingham, Ala. City Code of 1944                                            Atlanta, Ga. City Code of 1940

R. Shabazz Simms

James L. Hubbert